The Sunday Practise

The Sunday Practise introduced many voices to the Ultiverse through its open mic format. Visitors sat, lay and talked in the darkness, bathed in sound, music, poetry and audio reactive visuals.

Return of the Griot/r

In his talk Return of the Griot/r, Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo invited audiences to discover alternate histories, exploring ancient sound practices that outstrip current technology, and speculating future uses for sound in surveillance and recording history.


In ‘Altars’ poet and writer Malika Booker took audience members on a journey of loss and celebration, with initial readings and reflection in the ephemeral installation culminating in a time of talking, food, singing and dancing.

2016 Collaborations


Composition for Ultiverse

For Light Night Ultiverse was brought to life with live audio performances by Aron Kyne and live visuals by Akeelah Bertram. Aron’s ‘Space’ composition also featured as part of the standard installation.

Half Term Workshop

Aron Kyne and Akeelah Bertram led the Half Term workshop, where children aged 5-10 learnt about every element of the installation. Children created their own reflective object, controlled the lighting of the installation and presented an improvised performance using synthesisers, keyboards & audio loops.