ULTIVERSE, 2016-Present

Conversational Environment

Akeelah Bertram



Ultiverse Live is an encounter in the interactive installation where audiences are immersed in an emotive journey inspired by the migration experience.

Ultiverse 2018 engaged live audiences and collaborations with artists to build the conversational environment and create a live performance in the installation. A making residency at Union 105 resulted in a special event at The Tetley for Light Night Leeds.

Creator/ Lead Artist

Akeelah Bertram


Joanne Armitage

Omari Bertram

Akeim Touissant Buck

Adam Glatherine

Aron Kyne

Zodwa Nyoni

Anya Stewart-Maggs

Thabo Mkwananzi

Mirabel Ukpabio


Malika Al-kebsi

Mansor Al-kebsi

Yahya Al-kebsi

Denmarc Creary

Jessica Passant

Adeline Pitu

Ahmed Mohamed

Salvador Muila

Sallah Omar

Omari Swanston-Jeffers

Ruvimbo Togara

Supported by

Arts Council England

Aziz foundation

East Street Arts

Geraldine Connor Foundation

The Tetley

Leeds Inspired



In 2017 Bertram undertook a 30 day R&D with technologist Joanne Armitage and composer Aron Kyne to introduce interactive elements to the work. Informed by audience feedback, they collaborated to create a blueprint for a conversational environment.

In 2016 Bertram debuted Ultiverse at East Street Arts, inviting composer Aron Kyne poet Malika Booker, The Sunday Practise and storyteller Christopher Lutterodt Quarcoo to bring their work into the audio-visual installation.