Phase 1 Reflections

10 Jul 2017



I am open to criticism, and would like to think that I can take things on board. This has been my work/baby for the past two years, so it is a challenge at this stage to not only work collaboratively – in that setting you have to develop a group mentality not just for the different skills we bring to the work but also aesthetic ideals and preferences. That is coupled with the public facing element of the development, where we are actively asking people to pull the work apart and provoking them to find issue with it. This can be difficult to hear but its so crucial. Ultimately if we want the work to be conversational, evolving and unique to each visitor, then it is critical that we can collect and interpret the feedback we are getting at this stage.


Key feedback from Phase 1

  • Clearer indicators for the points of interaction

  • A sense of a journey and exploration

  • Increased mystery by varying the responses of the sensors

At the next phase I would like to explore positions as compositions of sound. Ideally we would expand a complementary sound palette (synth, voices, organ) that will be activated into a round as people spend time in certain positions. So advancing the use of arpeggio in a more layered manner. This would parallel a different part of the room where we would solely test out the light in space. In theory we would show the work as a whole unit, but I think its important to get a grasp of how each element works independently so we can combine them later on. I’ve been using layering since I made videos almost 10 years ago, and I am still interested in this process of taking simple elements and combining them into a space you can get lost in.

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