Day 2: Senses and mapping strategies

8 May 2017

Akeelah and Joanne


Last week we were thinking about the relationship between the senses and our environment. Even though we regard the senses as separate, they work together to give a blended perception of our surroundings.


At this stage we want to approach the data the sensors receive in this way. The sensors may pick up different data (movement/light/sound) but will interpret this data in a blended  way, distributing the responses through various outputs.


Hopefully this will Introduce complexity to the technologies output, so not just producing linear readings of the audience, but blending input/output - eg. movement outputs as sound & vibrations. Pressure outputs as light & sound. Varying the responses the sensors readings generate to create a living complex response.


Joanne has created a basic framework for this in the programming, so the objectives for the next couple of sessions will be to build on this.

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